WRC 9 Sudah Diumumkan Akan Rilis Di Konsol Saat Ini Dan Generasi Selanjutnya!

KT Racing, aka Kylotonn has officially revealed WRC 9 which is the next main series of the World Rally Championship series. This game has a release schedule at the end of the summer of this year on the current generation console, and for the next generation console version will be released sometime later.

WRC 9 is similar to its predecessor, committed to bringing the realistic experience of racing on the ground. In WRC 9, KT Racing added several new features to this game that allow you to have better control over cars, events, racing schedules, and a team of engineers to help you keep going and take part in difficult tournaments.

Career mode will be more complete than before with several new gameplay mechanisms and more opportunities to improve your team. In the case of car simulations, the development team has emphasized suspension, braking and weight transfer systems to make it more challenging and realistic for veteran players.

WRC 9 will be launched on September 3 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC at the Epic Games Store. Keep in mind that KT Racing has also obtained the rights to WRC 10 and WRC 11 also from the official promoters of the World Rally Championship.

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