Atlas Tanker Baru Mobile Legends yang Bikin Kamu Emosian Terus!

Moonton officially released a new hero with a role fighter tank named Atlas in March 2020. eSports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang presents a hero with skills that can draw five enemies at once.

Enemy heroes in the area will be pulled simultaneously in the intended direction. But it can only attract one enemy hero. Atlas is said to have something in common with Jawhead who can throw enemies. But jawhead can only throw one enemy, but this skill can also be used to help friends from the enemy's reach.

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Whereas Atlas can draw up to five enemies at once, so that it has a crowd control effect that is fairly strong. This has the form of an alien who is able to control large robots.

Atlas including Tanker heroes with enough deadly damage. The effect of his skills is quite troublesome especially his ultimate skill that can attract 5 heroes at once.

When viewed from its ultimate skill, Atlas is very similar to Franco, who is famous for his Hook skill. More troublesome, Hook-like Fatal Links can produce chains and can pull several heroes (up to 5 heroes at once) into the specified target.

Seen from the background of the story, Atlas is a creature that trapped in a super dark forbidden place called the Abysal Sea. Inside the Abysal Sea, there are extraordinary and indescribable creatures, including Atlas.

Don't get me wrong, Atlas is not a robot that looks like the picture. But he is a creature that controls a robot in the form of Mecha Sentry to fight (Atlas will come out when releasing the second skill).

The three skills possessed by Atlas are Annihilate (skill one), Perfect Match (skill two) and Fatal Links (skill three or Ultimate). These three skills will be accompanied by passive skills in the form of Frigid Breath.

Passive skills allow targets that are on Frigid Breath for 1 second to be affected by a slow effect of 40 percent (created once in 3 seconds).

Atlas is a specialist hero Crowd Control and Initiator so it is very useful if used as a trigger attack against several heroes at once.

The first skill or Annihilate allows Atlas to hit the ground and cause 3 explosions. Each explosion deals 250/280/310/240/370/400 (+70 percent of Total Magic Power) to Magic Damage.

Perfect Match or the second skill will make Atlas get out of Mecha Sentry and give 360/400/440/480/520/560 (+55 percent of Total Magic Power) Magic Damage + stun effect for one second.

When the second skill is active, Mecha Sentry will follow Atlas so you need to press it again so that they can unite and cause a stun effect. Fatal Links or third skills allow Atlas to throw chains towards the target.

Use it again when charging, then Atlas can pull all targets and fling in the specified direction and produce 300/400/500 (200 percent Total Magic Power) Magic Damage + 60 percent slow effect.

Curious about tips and tricks for using Atlas? Keep watching Panpanplay!

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